V3000 PLUS Surveillance Video Retrieval-Recovery-Repair

V3000 PLUS Surveillance Video Retrieval-Recovery-Repair

V3000 PLUS provides you with a comprehensive solution that integrates video extraction, video recovery, and video restoration. It supports reading and in-depth analysis of surveillance video from various brands, models, and data formats. In addition, the system includes functions such as deleted video recovery, video data fragment recovery, video format transcoding, and video restoration based on AI-intelligent learning.

V3000 PLUS optimizes the process for forensic investigators, providing efficient and convenient ways to thoroughly extract video evidence. It provides a solid foundation for subsequent tasks such as video content analysis, enhancement of unclear footage, and other post-analysis and identification procedures.


Supports analysis of common commercial brands and models of surveillance equipment

Intelligently identifies over 30 common brands in the market and supports surveillance video formats from thousands of device types, including surveillance video, vehicle recorders, law enforcement recorders, etc.


Deleted surveillance video recovery

Data recovery software uses specialised algorithms and technologies to scan storage devices for residual data and recover deleted or lost files. Data loss typically results from accidental deletion, formatting, system crashes, and other similar causes.

Fragment-level video data extraction and analysis

V3000 PLUS intelligent fragment data collection and in-depth data analysis provide a new combination of video data to achieve fragment-level video recovery.

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Video restoration based on AI technology

Deleted and overwritten data recovery, especially fragment-level data recovery, can change the logical order of the data to change and cause the video to not play correctly. V3000 PLUS uses deep learning and AI intelligence to reorganize the data to ensure normal playback.

Video Preview and Transcoding

Some manufacturers use proprietary surveillance video formats that are incompatible with standard players. The transcoding feature of the V3000plus easily converts non-standard video formats into standard formats for seamless playback.

Log Extraction and Hash Calculation

By recovering the log files from surveillance video equipment and calculating the MD5 value of the files, the integrity of the files can be verified, the files can be prevented from being tampered with, the security of the data can be protected, and the fairness of the forensic evaluation can be ensured.

Accurate positioning and rapid extraction of data

Extracting surveillance video can be a time-consuming process due to the large capacity of mechanical hard drives. The V3000PLUS system provides accurate and fast data extraction based on user-defined surveillance recording times. Users can select specific time ranges down to the year, month, day, hour, minute and second, allowing the software to quickly locate and display relevant video data. This functionality significantly increases the efficiency of extracting surveillance video data.