High Sensitive RS900 Handheld Metal Detector
High Sensitive|RS900|Handheld|Metal Detector HD International RuiScan High Sensitive|RS900|Handheld|Metal Detector HD International.
User controlled sensitivity selection

RS900 High-sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector

The RS900 Handheld Metal Detector provides outstanding specs, with excellent sensitivity, material discrimination, and stability. Its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort, so users can use it for extended periods with no risk of fatigue or injury. Excellent for locating concealed weapons, detonators, and small metal items, the RS900 is an industry-leading tool for parcel and baggage examination.



RS900 is widely used in airports, seaports, prisons, embassies, court houses, public buildings, museums, gymnasiums, factories and anywhere else where security is a priority, Even for Crime Scene investigation for evidence search

Key Feature 

  • Downloadable app allows the operator to connect to the scanner via Bluetooth and review detection records and system log information
  • Three selectable alarm modes including audio, visual and vibration
  • Digital noise filtering with high anti-interference ability and high accuracy
  • Custom designed antenna for increased sensitivity and consistent results
  • User controlled sensitivity selection customizable to the threat environment.  Select between high, medium and low setting to detect objects as small as a pin, razor blade or other small contraband.
  • Over 40 hours (typical use) of use on a single battery.  Designed to use standard 9V alkaline batteries so you can swap out batteries and get back to work without downtime for charging.
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip allows hours of operation without fatigue or injury
  • Built tough with an IP31 enclosure rating 


Detector dimension:       372mm x 28mm x 63mm
Package dimension:        410mm x 108mm x 92mm
Total Weight:                  360g  (including battery)
Power:                             9V alkaline battery or NiMH rechargeable battery
Operating temperature:  - 15 ℃ to + 70 ℃
Humidity:                         0 ~ 95% no condensation




Note: Due to logistics/transportation regulations, batteries are not included in the standard configuration of this product.