Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu Px3 Portable X-Ray System Public Security
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System

Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System

The Milu PX3 portable X-ray inspection system seamlessly combines advanced DR X-ray imaging technology, a low-dose pulsed X-ray source, and cutting-edge digital image processing capabilities. This potent blend provides versatile support across applications such as security inspections, VIP protection, EOD, Customs, and border control contraband searches. It guarantees high-resolution images and exceptional penetration performance, addressing the diverse needs of critical scenarios. Prioritizing
Application in

Public Security

  • Law Enforcement
  • VIP protection
  • CBRN Defense
  • Boarder Control & Customs Contraband Searching

Highlighted Features

Experience Superior Imaging

Milu PX3 redefines imaging with cutting-edge DR technology for unrivaled resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Perfect for scrutinizing dense or intricate objects, it reveals minute details with clarity.

Expansive Imaging Capability

With an impressive imaging area of up to 430mm x 350mm, the PX3 excels in inspecting large objects, providing a comprehensive view for enhanced analysis and precision.

Penetrating Power

PX3 excels with 85mm steel plate penetration, ideal for high-density object inspection. Transparent visualization ensures clarity.

Unmatched Portability

The PX3 embodies high mobility, easily deployable wherever needed. Every component conveniently fits into a suitcase, offering unparalleled convenience for professionals on the move.

User-Friendly Excellence

PX3 designed for seamless operation, featuring cable and wireless control, user-friendly touch screen, and one-button operation. Ultimate choice for ease.

Captured Images


PX3 Dual-energy

Control Unit
X-ray Source

Recommend: XRS3 generator 270KVP

Command and Display

Users are advised to select and purchase suitable laptop computer locally

X-ray Imaging Panel:
Imaging Area 430 x 358mm
Panel Dimension 460 x 380 x 15.5mm
Panel Thickness 15.5mm
Weight 2.98kg
Image Resolution 2560 x 3072
Pixel Size 140μm
Spatial Resolution 3.5lp/mm
Penetration Up to 85mm steel plate with Golden XRS3 source
Battery Build-in rechargeable battery
Wireless Build-in WiFi Gigabit
Image Stitching up to 9 images
System Control:
Cable Mode 50 meters (Cable reel included)
Wireless Mode WiFi (100 meters)
X-ray Source:
Recommend Golden XRS3 pulsed source (270KV)
Image Capture “One touch” to start capture
Image Processing Auto/Manual image enhancement; AOI area enhancement; Grayscale adjustment; Color reverse; Zoom; Emboss; Pseudocolor; Image Measurement; Annotate; etc.
Image Stitching up to 9 images
Command and Display Unit
I5/8G/14”, touch screen, Win10

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