Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System
Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System

Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray System

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Versatile X-Ray system with high resolution DR panel and pulsed X-Ray source provide images with best quality. 

Modular designed Milu PX3,  all components including X-ray source, Imager panel, Controller and data processing module can be packed into a carrying suitcase and easy to be carried to the on-site for quick deployment. 

Widely used in the applications of Fire/Arson Investigation, Security Inspection, VIP Protection, EOD, Technical Surveillance  etc.



Basic Info:

Module Item Parameters
        Imager  Panel size 460mm x 380mm
Thickness 15mm
Weight 4kg
Imaging area  430mm x 350mm
Dead space 15mm to the edge
Pixel size 140um
Resolution 3.5lp/mm
Penetration 85mm steel plate
Gray scale 16 bit
Power 24V lithium battery,more than 600 images capture ability  
Handle Fixed metal handle


X-ray source

model XRS-3
Tube voltage 270KV
Pulse number 1-99
Battery Rechargeable lithium-battery




Operation interface Chinese/ English operation interface, with touch screen
Image capture Image capture, Dual energy
Image processing Gray scale adjustment,Color invert, Relief effect, Edge enhancement, Sharpening, Image zoom in/out, Measurement,Annotation.
Stitching Automatic stitching,(up to 9 images)
3D To fulfill 3D observation of objective by changing X-ray shooting direction and wearing 3D glasses
Processing terminal Laptop I5/8G/14''/Touchable Screen (Recommanded)
Connection mode Wire 30m cable
Wireless 30m wireless control
After sale service   One year warranty
Manual   English



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