MD-930 Portable Underground Metal Detector
MD-930 Portable Underground Metal Detector
MD-930 Portable Underground Metal Detector

MD-930 Portable Underground Metal Detector

With the MD-930 portable underground metal detector, you can easily find coins, artifacts, jewelry, gold, and silver almost anywhere including lawns, snow, mountains, etc.. This detector is versatile and easy to use.

Key Feature

LCD displaying: Indicates the type of the metal been founded, depth of the target, DISC (discrimination) range, sensitivity level by segments , operating mode, battery status and volume level.
Three tones: low, mid and high frequency tone to indicate the different types of metals and make it easier to identify the metal being detected.
Operation Mode: 3 operation modes ALL METAL, PINPOINT and DISC, it can search multiple types of metal while ignoring junk metal and looking for valuable items, or pinpoint the exact location of a detected target.
3.5mm Headphone Jack:  Operator could connect a headphone to the device and allow you to control them without any interference.
Waterproof Search Coil: Allows you to search for metal objects in shallow water (Note: control housing is not waterproof)


Operating Frequency:


Search coil:

10-inch waterproof detection disc.

Operation modes

Discrimination mode (DISC) (motion discrimination)
Seven different type of metal indications and 7 metals 7 can befreely selected whether to be eliminated.

Pinpoint mode (non-motion discrimination)


DISC: >=18cm (25 US cents, in the air);
PINPOINT: >=18cm (25 US cents, in the air)

Alarm Indicators

LCD display (with backlight)
DISC mode: indicates target signal category (7 levels) and depth (8levels);
PINPOINT mode: indicates the target's depth

Audio indicator (with speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack)
DISC: indicates the target's signal category (3 audio indications);
PINPOINT mode: indicates the depth with audio volume.

Adjustment setting

Adjustable DISC discrimination range
Seven different metal indications with the option to selectively eliminate any of the 7 metals.
Adjustable sensitivity - 8 levels of sensitivity adjustment.
Adjustable volume.
Adjustable backlight


2 x 9V batteries

Operating Current

Static ≤40mA;
Dynamic ≤60mA.
The LCD battery level indication. (Battery life: 6-8 hours).