KE-V7 Audio & Video Life Detector

KE-V7 Audio & Video Life Detector

KE-V7 Audio & Video Life Detector is an USA (Urban Search and Rescue) survival detection which can be used on land and in water, can be widely used to search and locate victim and trapped people at the scene of accidents and disaster of earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, building collapse, etc. First responder could implement quickly visually inspection in the suspicious area using audio and video probes to obtain the images, sounds and other information of the trapped people in non-visual environment. And it can search for life in the completely dark environment without light through the infrared thermal imaging probe, providing help for rescue personnel to quickly and accurately grasp the real situation of the trapped area.

 Key Feature:

High resolution transmission: Full HD video providing high quality image with detailed information.

Light weight and compact design: Light weight telescopic pole, all the component can be collected into a small case for easier transportation.

Easy deploy and operation: Easy to detect and observe sound and motion from up to 500m away. It features both handheld and fixation working modes, and its detection probe can be connected to a telescopic pole for easy operation by a single person. Be sure to check out this reliable, high-performance life detector.

Small size and powerful probe:  Diameter of the probe is less than 29mm, easy to penetrate into narrow gaps to reach the destination for detection.

Switchable probe: different type of the probes can be selected and switched according to the environment condition to extend the application.

Wireless transmission: WiFi wireless transmission to share the scene information to other rescue people to achieve comprehensive search and rescue.


Urban search & rescue and First response activity


System Composition

Electric rotatable probe, waterproof video probe, IR thermal imaging probe, audio and video control unit and relevant accessories, durable carry case

Electric rotatable probe

Diameter ≤ 29mm,

Resolution: 1920 * 1080

Waterproof video probe

Diameter ≤ 29mm, IP 68

IR thermal imaging probe

Diameter ≤ 29mm with two way audio transmission


Wireless connection between audio and video problem and receiver

Wireless transmission

WiFi wireless transmission function to transmit the audio and video images to the command center for real-time viewing

Communication distance


IR detection

Provide infrared thermal imaging of the detection area to detect the   infrared radiation signal by the alive.

Communication, recording and positioning

3G / 4G communication functions, including voice communication, text message, email, and internet access; photographing and video recording; GPS to provide longitude and latitude information ;

Remote control

Command center could remote control the operation like detection, rotation of the probe etc.

Telescopic pole

Flexible hose connection between telescopic pole and probe, adjustable length of the pole from 1m to 3.6m


10x digital zoom


Lithium rechargeable battery provide 10 hours working time

Review and control unit

7 inch touch screen