Gel Fingeprint Lifters ( 5Pcs / Pack)
Gel Fingeprint Lifters ( 5Pcs / Pack)

Fingerprint Gellifter

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The high quality rubber Gelatin lifters are high-quality elastic sheets of rubber with a low-adhesive gelatin layer on one side for lifting latent fingerprints and dust impressions


Fingerprint Lifting at Crime Scene or Laboratory

Touch DNA collection

Highlight Features

  • High elasticity and low tack,  It works better for lifting fingerprints on smooth and curved surfaces,even on rough surfaces , such as leather, marble tile, light bulbs, door knobs etc, which is hard for photography
  • It could work for untreated fingerprints powdered fingerprint, cyanoacrylate developed fingerprints, fresh and aged fingerprints ,Postmortem fingerprinting and Trace Evidence 
  • Lifted fingerprints could be photographed or scanned
  • It will collect cellular materials at the same time and could be swabbed for downstream DNA extraction and no damage to DNA



  • Size(LxW) :130mm x 90mm
  • Specification: 5pcs / pack

    Note:  Gel lifters for  shoeprint collection is also available from us. Please  do not hesitate to contact us if you need.

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