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Elcomsoft|Premium Forensic Bundle


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Extract data from mobile devices, unlock documents, decrypt archives, break into encrypted containers, view and analyze evidence.

  • The complete set of tools for desktop and mobile forensics
  • Hardware-accelerated password recovery on up to 10,000 computers
  • Includes all relevant tools for decrypting data, extracting and analyzing mobile devices
  • Tools for logical, physical and over-the-air acquisition of mobile devices
  • Extract data and user passwords from Apple, Microsoft and Google cloud services
  • Access to deleted evidence and forensically sound extraction

Supports: all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Encrypted File System, Windows and macOS passwords, macOS Keychain, ZIP/RAR/RAR5, PDF, BitLocker, PGP, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt and many more. Instantly extracts passwords from instant messengers, email clients, Web browsers and many other products. Physical, logical and over-the-air acquisition of all generations of iOS devices.