3038 Stereo Microscope
3038 Stereo Microscope

3038 Stereo Microscope

The  3038 Stereomicroscope, equipped with an apochromatic 6:1 zoom, provides superior optics to create sharp visuals for examination and evaluation. Coupled with their new application software suite, users can access top-grade imaging documentation and analysis.


  • Forensic
  • Material Analysis
  • Education
  • Research
  • Frontier Control
  • Antiques
  • Archaeology
  • Industry
  • Counterfeit

Euro Banknote Micro text 

Euro Banknote Relief printing 

 HP M225 Printer Toner                                     Canon 8200C

Toner printing first then Signature       Signature first then Toner printing



Microscope body

Trinocular Body with 0.7×- 4.5× continuous zooming Continuous zooming function



Working Distance


Magnification Range

Maximum 45×

Expanded to 90x with additional objective

Illumination Lighting

Incident and Transmitted lightsource

Digital Camera

5 Million pixels

Software Suite

Available for image preview, capture, measurement etc