CSP-3H Solar Radar Speed Sign
CSP-3H Solar Radar Speed Sign

CSP-3H Solar Radar Speed Sign

CSP3H is a solar-powered radar speed sign, designed specifically for road safety speed limit display.  It uses Doppler radar technology, displays the speed of passing vehicles in real-time through an outdoor high-brightness LED display, and warns speeding vehicles with different colors of lights, reminding drivers to control their driving speed.

Technical Parameters
Speed Measurement Range: 1 km/h - 400 km/h
Speed Measurement Error: ±1 km/h
Detection Distance: 0-1066m, actual distance not less than 300 meters (applicable to 3-4 lanes)
Speed Display: 5-199 km/h, red and green dual-color display
Speed Limit Setting: 5-199 km/h can be set arbitrarily
Visible Distance: ≥1000m
Power Supply: Solar panel 12V100w, Ningde Times Battery 16.8V40AH lithium battery, equipped with a dedicated high-efficiency PWM solar charging controller
LED Lamp Life: ≥100,000 hours
Capture Rate: >99%
Display Screen Frame Size: 700mm * 500mm * 30mm stainless steel ultra-thin frame, good waterproof and rust-proof effect
LED Screen Display Size: 380mm * 660mm
Wind Pressure Resistance: 1.5kN/m²
Protection Level: IP65

Product Features
Energy-saving and environmental protection: LED light source, low power consumption, long life.
Adjustable Speed Limit: Speed limit 1-199 km/h adjustable range, red and green dual-color display.
Expandability: Reserved I/O control interface, can add sound alarm and other devices.
Intelligent Adjustment: LED display brightness, built-in ambient light sensor 7-level brightness automatic adjustment.
Stability: Stable performance, high-speed measurement accuracy.
Durability: Stainless steel chassis, impact resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.
Easy Installation: Integrated industrial design.
Real-time Display: Non-speeding green display, speeding red display, and flashing, reminding drivers to slow down.
Voice Reminder: Support voice reminder function.
Sound and Light Alarm: Support sound and light alarm.
Customized Display: Can customize display requirements.
Remote Maintenance: Through wireless 4G networking.
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction: Automatically adjust LED brightness.
Wide Application: Suitable for city expressways, highways, schools, factories, and other environments.

Applicable Scenarios
City Expressway
School Area
Industrial Factory Area