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Milu Crime Scene Investigation Kit

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Weight: 15.2Kg
Size :600 x420x210mm

Main Function:

  1. Four-band flashlight color separation lighting to improve contrast difference between evidence and backgrounds
  2. Spherical fingerprint develop powder
  3. Magnetic fingerprint develop powder 
  4. Fingerprint fluorescent develop powder 
  5. The DFO method to develop fingerprints on paper
  6. Lodine fuming to develop oily fingerprints
  7. 502 super glue method to develop sweat fingerprint
  8. Hemogram of tetramethylbenzidine to develop blood fingerprint
  9. Extract palmprint sample
  10. Develop blood footprint
  11. Electrostatic adsorption method to extract dust footprint
  12. Silica gel extract  water footprint and dust footprint
  13. Silicone rubber extraction of fingerprints on concave convex surfaces
  14. Silicone rubber extraction for tools mark
  15. Trace level evidence collection
  16. Exfoliated cells collection
  17. DNA samples collection
  18. Blood samples collection
  19. On-site measurements, transcripts

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