cem400 through wall radar main unit
CEM400 3D Vision Through Wall Radar
CEM400 3D Vision Through Wall Radar

CEM400 3D Vision Through Wall Radar

CEM400 3D Vision Through Wall Radar is an innovative reconnaissance tool that uses advanced 3D imaging capabilities to penetrate non-metallic barriers, such as walls, to detect personnel and other targets. It quickly captures data such as 3D images, 2D coordinates, orientation, target count, and internal structures.

Highlight Features

Highly Portable  
Lightweight and compact, support knapsack pack
High Penetration 
Detect live object behind wall/barrier of common material
High positioning accuracy
Ultra wide bandwidth, MIMO architecture, high resolution design, more positioning  accuracy
Multi-targets Detection 
Simultaneous detection and display of ≥ 5 targets
Indoor Layout Mapping
Building internal structure and layout mapping to assist in situation analysis
Safety Design For Operator
Wireless remote control for detection and display, stand-alone screen supports tactical application for long-playing monitoring and synergetic observation


Single Target Round Tripping


Two Moving Targets

 Three Still Targets


Detection Mode: Real-time positioning and 3D imaging, 2-D Positioning, Multi Moving and Static Target detection
Multi-target Detection: ≥5
Penetrating Materials:  Concrete wall, Mixed Concrete with a brick wall, Wood wall, and other concrete media
Penetrating Wall Thickness: 240-370mm mixed concrete and brick
Detection Distance: 
Static target15m,  Moving target 20m
Distance Detection Range : 0-10m/0-20m/20-30m with detection scope ±3m/±4m/ ±5m
Detection Angle:  120° horizontal and 90° vertical
Battery Run time: 4h
Size(WxDxH): 520x500x110mm
Working Ambient Temperature: -20-60
Dropping Off Distance Testing: 500mm