PX3 Portable X-ray System for NDT
PX3 Portable X-ray System for NDT
PX3 Portable X-ray System for NDT

PX3 Portable X-ray System for NDT

PX3 portable X-ray detection system adopts advanced digital imaging and image processing technologies, it features small size, light weight, easy operation, and stable performance. PX3 is the most ideal equipment for non-destructive testing.


X-ray inspection is a common method that utilizes X-ray non-destructive testing to detect internal flaws that are invisible to the naked eye. X-ray digital radiography systems, known as DR systems, are advanced digital imaging systems developed from traditional X-ray film and computed radiography (CR). These systems enable real-time imaging results displayed directly on a computer screen, allowing researchers to view high-definition X-ray images intuitively.

The PX3 portable X-ray inspection device features a DR real-time imaging system, which is more convenient to operate compared to traditional portable X-ray machines for non-destructive testing.



·  High-definition imaging quality: Utilizes next-generation digital imaging technology.

·  Portable flat panel detector: Lightweight, thin, and durable.

·  Durable system: Suitable for all terrains and harsh weather conditions.

·  Multiple communication ranges: Options include wired, wireless, or combinations.

·  Complete system can be integrated into rugged Pelican wheeled carry cases.

·  Strong adaptability to X-ray sources: compatible with most commercial X-ray sources.

·  Touchscreen software: User-friendly interface for intuitive operation.

·  Intelligent image optimization: One-touch optimization algorithm.

·  High-definition image review: distortion-free magnification to capture every detail.

·  Automatic measurement : Dimensions, thickness, spatial resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.

·  Stitching function: Automatic and manual stitching capabilities.





Control Unit
X-ray Source

Recommend: XRS3 generator 270KVP

Optional Panel Sizes

12inch / 14inch / 17inch

Command and Display

Users are advised to select and purchase suitable laptop computer locally

Captured Images


X-ray Imaging Panel(Standard Size):
Imaging Area 430 x 358mm
Panel Dimension 460 x 380 x 15.5mm
Panel Thickness 15.5mm
Weight 2.98kg
Image Resolution 2560 x 3072
Pixel Size 140μm
Spatial Resolution 3.5lp/mm
Penetration Up to 85mm steel plate with Golden XRS3 source
Battery Build-in rechargeable battery
Wireless Build-in WiFi Gigabit
Image Stitching up to 9 images
System Control:
Cable Mode 50 meters (Cable reel included)
Wireless Mode WiFi (100 meters)
X-ray Source:
Recommend Golden XRS3 pulsed source (270KV)
Image Capture “One touch” to start capture
Image Processing Auto/Manual image enhancement; AOI area enhancement; Grayscale adjustment; Color reverse; Zoom; Emboss; Pseudocolor; Image Measurement; Annotate; etc.
Image Stitching up to 9 images
Command and Display Unit
I5/8G/14”, touch screen, Win10

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