KE-V8 Snake Eye Audio & Video Life Detector
KE-V8 Snake Eye Audio & Video Life Detector
KE-V8 Snake Eye Audio & Video Life Detector

KE-V8 Snake Eye Audio & Video Life Detector

KE-V8 Snake Eye Life Detector, is a kind of amphibious emergency rescue equipment, mainly used for earthquake, landslide, mudslide, building collapse and other accident scene buried trapped people search and positioning, can through the audio and video probe on the suspicious target area for rapid visual inspection, get to the non-visible environment of the trapped person's image, sound and other information, and can be through the infrared thermal imaging probe in the completely lightless and it can search for life bodies in the dark environment through infrared thermal imaging probe, which provides help for rescuers to quickly and accurately grasp the real situation of the trapped 

Key Feature:

Highly Integrated: All components are integrated into a durable case for easy carrying and transportation

Accurate positioning: Infrared thermal imaging probe can be directly connected to the instrument host built-in hard detection line, reaching into narrow gaps for detection, to achieve the precise location of the trapped person

Switchable probe: different type of the probes can be selected and switched according to the environment condition to extend the application.

Wireless transmission: WiFi wireless transmission to share the scene information to other rescue people to achieve comprehensive search and rescue.

Long working time: Configure with high volume rechargeable battery for long time continue work.


Urban search & rescue and First response activity


System Composition

One IR thermal imaging probe, one 8mm titanium coated stainless steel forward viewing video probe

Detection mode

Rapid visual inspection at suspicious area, Audio/video probe to make active searching call and receive the sound and vibration signal generated by the moaning, shouting, crawling, knocking, scoring, etc. of the trapped person. In the mean time, IR thermal imaging probe can penetrate dense smoke, rain and fog to quickly lock up the target to assist rescue people to do the search and rescue, dangerous goods detection, and residual fire monitoring.

IR thermal imaging

IR thermal imaging probe

Temperature range of IR  probe


Resolution of the IR probe

Uncooled focal plane detector,  resolution 720 ×576

Field of view


Diameter of the IR probe


Vibration detection sensor

Omni-directional audio vibration detection sensor placed at the back end of the video probe, consisting of a miniature omni-directional high-sensitivity pickup and high-power vibration speaker


7 inch color LCD monitor, resolution:1200 x 2000.

Operator could real time detect and talked to the survivors at the the suspicious target area through the microphone and speaker

Communication, recording and positioning

3G / 4G communication functions, including voice communication, text message, email, and internet access; photographing and video recording; GPS to provide longitude and latitude information ;

IR probe connection

IR probe can be directly connected to the 25m diameter hard cable  which is built in the main device, penetrate into the narrow gap to do the detection and accurate positioning of the trapped people

Strait forward view video probe

Equipped with an 8mm stainless steel titanium-plated direct-view video lens, can achieve 2-way bending, bending angle ≥ 140 °, with the use of 3m detection line, adapt to the ≤ 10mm pipe or narrow gap space inside the probe

Two way communication

Two way audio communication

Photography and recording

one key photo / video recording function, SD card to store the  video and photos for future analysis


Lithium rechargeable battery provide at least 6 hours working time

Carry case

All components can be integrated in one case,  case size ≤ 510 * 410 * 230mm