Gel Fingeprint Lifters ( 5Pcs / Pack)
Gel Fingeprint Lifters ( 5Pcs / Pack)

Gelatin Fingerprint Lifter

Gelatin Fingerprint lifters are designed to lift latent prints, dust impressions, and minute pieces of evidence at the Crime scene. The high performance of the low-adhesion gelatin layer and high elasticity Polyurethane base pad could permit fingerprints to be lifted from a wide spectrum of surfaces, The lifting layer grants forensic personnel the capability to obtain traces from even the most textured surfaces. 


Sensitive and High Definition Fingerprint Obtained!


Discover how simple it is to retrieve a fingerprint

Collect fingerprint from a porcelain cup

Collect fingerprint from mobile screen

 Collect fingerprints from the handle of a knife

Lifted Fingerprint

Highlight Features

  • With high elasticity and low tack,  It works better for lifting fingerprints on smooth and curved surfaces, even on rough surfaces, such as leather, marble tile, light bulbs, door knobs, etc, which is hard for photography
  • It could work for untreated fingerprints powdered fingerprints, cyanoacrylate-developed fingerprints, fresh and aged fingerprints, Postmortem fingerprinting, and Trace Evidence 
  • Lifted fingerprints could be photographed or scanned
  • It will collect cellular materials at the same time and could be swabbed for downstream DNA extraction and no damage to DNA


  • Size :130 x 90mm
  • 5 sheets / pack


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Note:  Gelatin lifters for palm collection are also available from us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to.