CSP5-1H Radar Speed Signs
CSP5-1H Radar Speed Signs

CSP5-1H Radar Speed Signs

CSP5-1H is a customizable solar Doppler radar speed limit sign designed for road safety.   It can measure and display the speed of passing vehicles in real-time, distinguishing overspeeding through a red-green dual-color display. This effectively reminds drivers to obey traffic rules, ensuring road safety.

Technical Parameters
- Speed measurement range: 0 km/h - 199 km/h (if two digits are chosen, the range is 1 - 99 km/h)
- Speed measurement accuracy: ±1 km/h
- Detection distance: 300 meters (simultaneous detection of 3-4 lanes)
- Speed display: 0-99 km/h;   red-green dual-color display
- Speed limit setting: 0-99 km/h, arbitrarily set
- Visibility: 21000m
- Power supply: Solar energy
- LED lamp life: 2.1 million hours
- Capture rate: > 99%
- Layout size: 1200mm * 650mm
- Base film: High-intensity reflective film
- Display size: 380mm * 450mm
- Wind pressure: 1.5kN/m²
- Protection level: IP65

Product Features
- Customizable service: Product specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs.
- High measurement accuracy: The speed measurement accuracy reaches ±1 km/h.
- Long-life LED lamp: The LED lamp has a lifespan of up to 2.1 million hours.
- High capture rate: Over 99% capture rate, ensuring the accuracy of measurement.
- Solar power supply: Environmentally friendly and energy-saving, suitable for long-term stable use outdoors.
- High protection level: IP65 protection, adaptable to various harsh weather conditions.

Applicable Scenarios
- City roads
- Highways
- Surroundings of schools
- Industrial parks