CSP-4H Solar Radar Speed Signs
CSP-4H Solar Radar Speed Signs

CSP-4H Solar Radar Speed Signs

To enhance road safety, we bring you the innovative Solar Radar Speed Sign, designed specifically to raise drivers' awareness of speed limits, especially suitable for addressing the visual needs and distraction issues of modern drivers.   This device is typically installed in areas where pedestrians and speeding vehicles are near enhance safety.

Technical Features:
- High-Efficiency Solar Power: Utilizes solar energy for efficient power supply, with low system power consumption, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
- LED Display Technology: Uses super bright, high-quality, long-life LED technology to ensure clear display under any weather conditions.
- Radar Monitoring: The device is equipped with a K-band directional Doppler radar that can detect incoming vehicles within a range of 3-4 lanes and display their speed.

Product Specifications:
- Monitoring Range: 3-4 lanes
- Display Range: 0-99 km/h
- Frame Size: 600mm * 1300mm * 120mm
- Transmission Mode: RS232 interface series
- Response Time: 5 milliseconds
- Accuracy: ±1 km/h
- Target Capture Distance: 0-300 meters
- Power Supply: AC220V
- Display Screen Size: 370mm * 450mm
- Box Material: Metal box baking paint

Applicable Scenarios:
Our Solar Radar Speed Sign is suitable for various traffic environments, including road construction zones, industrial parks, freight stations, school areas, residential areas, and accident-prone areas, providing customized solutions for various traffic management and road safety needs.