CEM100 handheld through wall radar
novasky CEM100

CEM100 Handheld See-Through Wall Radar

Forget breaching walls, see right through them with the CEM100, a handheld see-through wall radar that pinpoints people, whether static or moving, hidden behind barriers. This handy device swiftly delivers real-time data on distance and number of individuals, empowering informed decisions in critical situations. Its reliable technology and user-friendly design make it invaluable for law enforcement, homeland security, search and rescue, border security, and facility protection, enhancing safety and security operations like never before.

 The best selling product for Defense and Homeland Security!

 Highlighted Features

  Military Quality: Competent for harsh climatic environments and special occasions

  • Strong Penetration: Reliable penetration detection of common non metallic building wall
  • Screen off Detection: With screen detection function, Detection is more secret with screen


  • Search and Rescue: Locate trapped individuals behind debris or in collapsed structures.
  • Law Enforcement: Enhance safety during hostage situations or active shooter events.
  • Border Security: Detect and track illegal crossings through barriers.
  • Facility Security: Secure sensitive areas and prevent unauthorized access.


Detection Angel:                 120
Detection Target Quantity: 3
Detection distance:             30m
Size:                                     255x95x55mm
Weight:                                0.7kg