HD International to Participate in Inter Forensics 2023

HD International to Participate in Inter Forensics 2023


[Santa Barbara, CA] – [August 25th] – HD International, a leading provider of forensic science products and services, will participate in the Inter Forensics 2023 conference, the largest Latin American Forensic Sciences meeting. The conference will be held in Brasilia, Brazil from August 28-31, 2023.

HD International will be showcasing its latest products and technologies at the conference, including its line of crime scene investigation equipment. The company will also be attending a series of workshops and presentations on a variety of forensic science topics.

“We are excited to participate in Inter Forensics 2023 and connect with the Latin American forensic science community,” said Zeng Yongtao, CEO. “This is a great opportunity for us to share our expertise and learn from other professionals in the field.”

HD International will be partnering with our partner QUIALEDO SA to participate in the conference. QUIALEDO SA is a leading provider of forensic solutions and services in Latin America. Together, HD International and QUIALEDO SA will offer a comprehensive range of resources to attendees of the Inter Forensics 2023 conference.

The Inter Forensics 2023 conference is expected to attract over 1,000 attendees from across Latin America. The conference will feature a variety of speakers and panelists, including leading experts in forensic science.

For more information about HD International and its participation in the Inter Forensics 2023 conference, please visit hdxinternational.com.

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