Multimodal Physiological Data Collection and Analysis System

Multimodal Physiological Data Collection and Analysis System

A groundbreaking system with its advanced AI-powered technology and comprehensive capabilities, Multimodal Physiological Data Collection and Analysis System offers a more accurate, objective, and efficient approach to psychological assessment and judicial inquiries.

 Its versatility and powerful features make it a valuable tool for professionals in various fields, including:

Clinical psychologists
Law enforcement
Human resource professional

With its AI-powered technology and comprehensive capabilities, this system is paving the way for a future of improved mental health care and enhanced objectivity in legal proceedings.


Multimodal Physiological Data Collection and Analysis System includes customized cameras, physiological acquisition all-in-one machines, and portable mobile workstations.

    (1) Frame rate: 30FPS;
    (2) Pixel: ≥ 5 million, resolution 1080P;
    (3) Magnification:10

Physiological information collection device
    (1) Integrated collection of electrodermal, blood pressure, pulse, and hand movement signals;
    (2) Wireless and wired transmission of collected signals;
    (3) Low battery alarming;
    (4) Temperature and humidity sensor;
    (5) Skin electric signal sensor: 100Ω - 100MΩ,
         frequency response: 0.01Hz-2Hz,
         Measurement error ≤ 1%;
    (6) Independent use and multi-method joint testing are supported.

Mobile workstation
    (1) CPU: Core i7-10 processor;
    (2) Resolution: 1920 x 1080;
    (3) Memory: 16GB; 500GB hard drive;
    (4) Screen: 15.6 inches;

Comprehensive data such as skin electrode, expression, respiration, pulse wave, heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, blood pressure, facial movements, eye movements, audio and video monitoring, etc., the system is intelligent and flexible for selection, one-click configuration, and automatic deployment; 

Unique video signal processing algorithm and emotion recognition algorithm of AI artificial intelligence technology ensure recognition accuracy; 

Full process monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, and other vital signs. 

Support the flexible formulation and multi-dimensional comparative analysis of test plans such as events, test subjects, template questions, test rounds, etc.; 

Intelligent analysis of test results, automatic scoring, and automatic judgment results. It is simple and easy to use, greatly saving testers time and improving testing/screening efficiency; 

Intelligent generation of scoring reports can provide rich analysis results reports and support functions such as report export and online printing.