CSP-8H Radar Speed Signs
CSP-8H Radar Speed Signs

CSP-8H Radar Speed Signs

CSP8H is a Doppler radar speed display device that supports battery or solar power supply, with speed warning and overspeed warning functions.   It can display the speed of passing vehicles in real-time, and distinguish whether it is overspeeding through a red-green dual-color LED display, effectively reminding drivers to control the driving speed and ensuring road safety.

Product Specifications
- Base film: High-intensity reflective film
- Speed measurement range: 0 km/h - 99 km/h
- Speed measurement accuracy: ±1 km/h
- Detection distance: > 300 meters (3-4 lanes in use simultaneously)
- Speed display: 0 - 99 km/h;   red-green dual-color display
- Speed limit setting: 0-99 km/h, arbitrarily set
- Visibility: ≥1000 meters
- LED lamp life: ≥100,000 hours
- Capture rate: > 99%
- Frame size: Customizable
- Display screen size: Customizable
- Wind pressure: 1.5 kn/m²
- Protection level: IP65

Product Features
- Dual power supply mode: Supports battery and solar power supply, adaptable to different installation environments.
- High-speed measurement accuracy: Ensures the accuracy of measurement results.
- Far detection distance: Can cover a wider area, suitable for multi-lane detection.
- Long-life LED lamp: Provides lasting display effect, reducing maintenance costs.
- High capture rate: Ensures that the device can accurately capture every passing vehicle.
- Customizable size: Customize the display screen size and frame size according to actual needs.

Applicable Scenarios
- City roads
- Highways
- Surroundings of schools
- Industrial parks