CEM200 2D Through Wall Radar
CEM200 2D Through Wall Radar

CEM200 2D Through Wall Radar

CEM200,  By intergrating MIMO technique,  is a 2D penetrating reconnaissance equipment, which can penetrate non-metallic obstacles such as building walls to detect multiple personnel targets behind it, and quickly obtain information such as 2D coordinates, attitude, quantity of targets and indoor structure.




Emergency Response


Detection Mode:  2-D Positioning, Multi Moving and Static Target detection

Penetrating Materials:  Concrete wall, Mixed Concrete with brick wall, Wood wall and other concrete media

Penetrating Wall Thickness: 240-370mm mixed concrete with brick

Detection Distance: Stastic target  20m,  Moving target 30m @37cm thickness of brick&concrete wall

Detection Target Quantity: 5-10

Detection Accuracy:  Axial 10cm and Laterial 50cm@20m

Detection Angle:  120° horizontal 

Wireless Control Distance:  Pad control distance 150m

Protection Grade: IP67

Battery Run time: 8hrs

Size(WxDxH): 340x247x130mm

Working Ambient Temperature:-20-60