Anti-cut Suite
Anti-cut Suite
Anti-cut Suite

Anti-cut Suite

The anti-cut suit is made of ultra-strong fiber material to protect the body from knife cuts, chopping, stabbing, and scratching from sharp objects.  While it looks just like normal clothing, it is able to withstand these types of attack. The suit can be worn daily and is machine washable without any performance degradation.



This suit is perfect for the protection of first responders, police officers, medical professionals, or factory workers.

It can also be used as a cutting-resistant layer or wear-resistant layer in protective clothing and headgear for competitive sports such as speed skating and racing.

Key feature:

1. Lightweight, soft and comfortable

2. Highly flexible

3. Able to absorb sweat and dry quickly


Cutting resistance: European EN 388:2003 Grade 5 blade cut resistant

Color: Grey