WBY-20 Universal Comparison Microscope
WBY-20 Universal Comparison Microscope
WBY-20 Universal Comparison Microscope

WBY-20 Universal Comparison Microscope

With WBY-20 to examine tool marks and ballistic has never been easier and flexible. The product support larger pieces of evidence in their entirety, saving time and labor.

Integrated powerful and versatile lighting for virtually any type or size of tool mark, including incident, Ring LED light, oblique and Spot illumination

Multiple Accessories such as clamps, grip holders and motorized stage ensure examiners the easiest and convenient operation. 


Tool marks and Ballistic Examination

Document Examination

Key Features

  • With superior optical expertise for ballistics analysis , Took mark examination and other confirmation tool
  • With Sharp images at 1.0x to 240x magnification
  • Full control with Touch Screen
  • Powerful software for image comparison, measurement, enhancement , management

compare and identify objects.



Total optical magnification

Magnification 1x-240x (Max)


Wide field eyepiece

One pair WF10 x / φ 22mm and WF20 x / φ30mm


Objective lens

0.5 x, 1 x, 1.5 x, 2 x, 4 x, and 6 x by using six hole objective lens converter to achieve fixed magnification conversion.


Tiltable binocular head

10 °~55 °, user-friendly design

Pupil distance: adjustable range 48mm-75mm


Full automatic touchscreen control

left and right single field of view, docking field of view and overlapping field of view can be controlled by computer software;

Left/ Right, Up/Down movement of the left and right stage, unilaterally and link bilaterally;

Left and right objective lens magnification adjustment, etc.

X/Y/Z axis movement of the stage, simultaneously movement of the left and right stage, horizontal rotation of the stage could be controlled manually or automatically by computer software. 








Light source


Multi-spectrum LED light source :680nm(red), 580nm(orange), 560nm(yellow), 510nm(green), 450nm(Cyan), 410nm(Blue), 390nm(Purple)、10-680nm(White);

Biuld-in filter:850nm(IR), 580nm(Orange), 510nm(Green)、400-680nm(Visible), Full spectrum 0-∞.

Co-axial light source

Polarized light source ,0-360 °rotatable,  90 °orthogonal

Ring LED light source


Travel of the stage

Front and Rear 50mm, left and right 55mm,,Motorized/Manual control 40-60mm;


Electric column lifting



Camera system

10 million pixels (3584x2748),



Whole image comparison

Multiple selection methods

Uniform electric expansion of the trace mark on bullet cartridge cylinder

Correction of marks on various distortion objects

Calculation of the absorbance and reflectance of the two images, Stored image and live image superimposition; Magic wand to select tolerance, all and reverse selection, save and release, object attributes setting, object synthesis to image etc..

Measurement of straight line , angle, area radius , perimeter etc

Image enhancement including contrast, brightness, exposure compensation, segmentation, histogram enhancement, feathering, sharpening, motion blur, defocus blur restoration, etc;