VMD360 Fingerprint Development System
VMD360 Fingerprint Development System
VMD360 Fingerprint Development System
VMD360 Fingerprint Development System

VMD360 Fingerprint Development System

Formed in 1993, West Technology, The world's largest and professional forensic VMD products supplier is committed to using the specialist knowledge of vacuum technology and passion for vacuum engineering, to create new, exciting products for use by forensic providers.

VMD is regarded as the most effective fingerprint development technique used by fingerprint experts in worldwide criminal forensic laboratories.  The technique could be applied to treat non-porous, semi-porous, and porous exhibits, It is especially used to develop fingerprints from challenging evidence such as aged samples, buried samples, wood, evidence submerged in water for a long time, even fired cartridge casings, knife and other metal evidence recovered from arson etc A powerful tool with comprehensive capability, VMD360 can tackle tough challenges - unlocking the secrets of the past and delivering answers that will help keep us safe in the future.

VMD Can be used to target areas for touch DNA Analysis!


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Forensic fingerprint development

 Highlight Features

  • The world’s first benchtop sized Forensic VMD system
  • No Warming needed, quick application
  • One-button operation for automatic chamber pump down and vent
  • Full color, touch-sensitive 7” HMI control screen with Intuitive menu-driven control screens for ease of operation
  • Coating area 660x285mm
  • Supplied with flat plate and semi-cylindrical work holders
  • Can process a range of exhibits from polymer banknotes to large plastic packaging sheets up to 827 mm (32.56″) x 284 mm (11.22″)
  • Low running costs – only atomic layers of metal are required in each process run


Developed Fingerprints on Polystyrene Black Bag

Fingerprints Developed on Different Tapes

Developed Fingerprints on cardboard and banknote

Developed Fingerprints on cardboard and banknote

 Developed Fingerprints on Thermal Paper

Installation of Electric Supply and Dimension

  • LV: 110-120 V, 60 Hz, 16 A, 1 ph
    HV: 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 8 A, 1 ph
  • Weight: 152 Kg (334 lbs)
    Diameters: H 700 mm (27.5″) x W 928 mm (36.5″) x D 606 mm (23.6″)