MILU PX3 Portable X-ray machines in arson investigations

MILU PX3 Portable X-ray machines in arson investigations

Fire and arson investigators examine the physical attributes of a fire scene and identify and collect physical evidence from the scene. This evidence is then analyzed to help determine if the cause of the fire was accidental or deliberate. Quickly and accurately obtaining information from the scene of the fire is crucial. With the advance of technology, portable X-ray equipments have become a powerful tool for fire investigators.

How the principles of portable X-ray machines work?

In fire investigations, quickly and accurately obtaining information from the scene of the fire is crucial. With the advance of technology, portable X-ray machines have become a powerful tool for fire investigators.

Firstly, how the principles of portable X-ray machines work. Portable X-ray machines utilize the penetrating power of X-rays and the absorption characteristics of substances. When X-rays pass through matter, substances of different densities absorb the X-rays to different degrees. Therefore, the internal structure and composition of the matter can be inferred from detecting the intensity of the X-rays received by a detector. Portable X-ray equipment typically uses X-ray fluorescence technology to obtain information by measuring the fluorescent radiation of matter caused by X-rays.

burned e-bike battery (left), internal image obtained by PX3 portable x-ray machine (right)

Features of PX3 portable X-ray machines

Recent developments in x-ray technology have significantly expanded the capabilities of forensic fire investigators. The advent of portable x-ray devices, exemplified by the Chinese-manufactured  PX3 portable x-ray system, empowers investigators to capture internal images of fire-damaged items, such as melted masses of plastic. This innovative technology enables the identification of points of failure that may not be readily visible. Additionally, x-ray systems offer investigators a non-destructive and repeatable means to examine items without compromising the integrity of the evidence.

Portability: Portable X-ray machines are small in size and lightweight, making them easy to carry and move. They can quickly reach the scene of a fire for testing. Evidence can be x-rayed at the fire scene by investigators who can view the radiographs within minutes.

Non-destructive testing: X-ray testing does not damage the material, allowing crucial information to be obtained without destroy the scene。

High resolution: Portable X-ray machines are capable of acquiring high-resolution images that clearly show the details of the interior of materials.

Real-time analysis: Portable X-ray machines can analyze the composition of materials in real-time, providing evidence for the determination of the cause of the fire.

Safety and reliability: When used correctly, portable X-ray machines are safe and simple to operate. Golden Engineering Pulsed X-ray generators contain no radioactive material. Pulsed technology keeps exposure time at a minimum allowing reduced stand-off distances. Golden Engineering’s X-ray generators have built in safeguards. They are easy to understand and operate.


The application of PX3 portable X-ray machines in fire investigation

Finding hidden evidence: PX3 portable X-ray machines enable fire investigators to uncover concealed evidence like explosives within debris or structural elements that may be challenging to access physically.

Determining the point of ignition: Through the detailed examination of residual matter using portable X-rays, investigators can pinpoint the origin of the fire. Patterns of damage and material conditions offer valuable insights into the initial point of ignition.

Analyzing the combustion process: By analyzing the structure and composition changes in residual matter, fire investigators can infer the combustion process,including material involvement, attained temperatures, and the sequence of events leading to fire progression.

Determining the cause of the fire: Portable X-ray machines can help fire investigators determine what might have contributed to the fireExamination of X-ray images facilitates the assessment of material conditions, helping ascertain whether the fire resulted from factors like faulty wiring or combustible substances.

Portable X-ray machines play an increasingly important role in fire investigations due to their unique advantages. The non-destructive testing characteristics allow investigators to obtain crucial information without damaging the scene, thereby improving investigation efficiency. At the same time, as technology continues to develop, the performance of portable X-ray machines is constantly improving, providing more powerful technical support for fire investigations.

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