Goslam RS100
Gosalm RS100 front and side
unique hybrid solution technology
Goslam RS100 data aquistion

GoSLAM RS100S Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

GoSLAM DS100 Handheld 3D Laser Scanner is a mobile type 3D laser scanning and measurement system based on the advanced SLAM technology (Simultaneous localization and Mapping) -  real-time positioning and mapping technology which does not rely on GNSS positioning such as GPS. This will make self-positioning and incremental 3D mapping more easy when you move in the unknown environment such as indoor and outdoor space. GoSLAM is committed to providing customers with solutions for mobile 3D laser measurement systems with a better user experience.

Key Feature

Excellent performance

RS100 configures a rotating laser sensor probe with 120 meters working distance; sample rate up to 0.65M points per second; Large field of scan up to 360°×285° ; Point accuracy up to 1.0cm (low reflectivity extended-range mode)

RTD real-time Differential

Unique RTD real-time Differential technology and real-time SLAM solution during scanning, RS100 could provide you the result immediately without waiting for the data export, this could greatly improve the efficiency.

Touch screen controlling and real time data preview

The built-in HD touch screen on the DS100 could help operator to real time preview the scanning data during operation to avoid problems like data split-layer lost-lock and ensures data correctness.

Excellent weather resistance and multi-platform supporting capability

With all weather designing and multi-platform supporting capability, RS100 providing you strong reliability and mobility, RS100 could be compatible with the mobile platforms platform like backpack, UAV, vehicle etc.  

High efficient

Synchronous data acquisition can be done while walking, this make the measurement work so easy as just walking around the test object to finish the information data collection.

Low environment requirement

Can reliable work in any lighting condition, the measurement can be done in any time any environment .


Geographic survey and mapping

Law enforcement - crime scene investment, traffic accident investigation, fire/arson investigation

Building structure information collection

Agriculture and Forestry - data collection for the forest and plant growth

Stack measurement - coal, mineral material and grain stock measurement

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Scan Range

50 meters

Scan speed

0.65M points per second

Point accuracy


Field of scan


Laser lines

16 lines

No. of Laser sensor


Solution method

Real time

Live preview

Mobile APP

Scan positioning

SLAM (No need for GPS)

IP protect


Laser safety level

Class I


500G (extendable)


1.5Kg (handheld parts)

Work temperature

-30°C ~ 60°C

Battery time

2 hours per battery

(2 batteries as standard)



Post processing software

Goslam studio device application and point cloud processing software is specially designed and developed for Goslam series handheld 3D laser scanners, it is also compatible with third-party device for point cloud processing.

Basic functions of the Goslam studio software:

one click point cloud de-noising; point cloud stitching; shadow rendering; coordinate transforming; automatic level fitting; point cloud data report automatic generation ; orthophoto Imaging, and point cloud encapsulation.

 Goslam adds the function of one key stack data generation for stack volume measurement to make data acquisition more convenient