EDEC|Faraday Bag

EDEC|Faraday Bag

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Our line of Faraday Bags has been designed to aid law enforcement, military, and investigators in the collection, preservation, transport, and analysis of wireless evidence. Wireless devices such as cell phones, GPS, netbooks, Bluetooth devices, laptops, etc. are shielded from cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and radio signals by Tech Shielding System. This Shielding System is lightweight and durable enough for use in the field and the lab.


- Shields a wide range of wireless devices such as cell phones (GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G), PDAs, two-way radios, and Bluetooth.- Black powder for light-colored surfaces
- Wear-resistant outer shell and double-layered construction improve product durability.
- Incorporated note slot for easy record keeping.


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