VMD560 Fingerprint Development System
VMD560 Fingerprint Development System
VMD560 Fingerprint Development System
VMD560 Fingerprint Development System

VMD560 Fingerprint Development System

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Formed in 1993,West Technology, The world's largest and professional forensic VMD products supplier and is  committed to using the specialist knowledge of vacuum technology and  passion for vacuum engineering, to create new, exciting products for use by forensic providers.

VMD is regarded as the most effective fingerprint development technique used by fingerprint experts in world wide criminal forensic laboratories.  The technique could be applied to treatr non porous, semi porous and porous exhibits, It is especially used to develop fingerprints from challenging evidence such as aged samples, buried samples, wood, evidence submerged in water for long time, even fired cartridge casings, knife and other metal evidence recovered from arson etc

VMD Can be used to target areas for touch DNA Analysis


VMD Products Used by  Worldwide Customers



Forensic fingerprint development

Highlight Features

  • Quick boot up for application
  • Big viewing window with diameter 400mm and chamber illumination to view the fingerprint development process clearly
  • 2 groups evaporation boats centralized to guarantee the evenness of fingerprint development. Each group has 3 boats to for evaporating gold, zinc and silver separately which is for challenging evidence application
  • Fits through a standard laboratory door
  • Large horizontal cylindrical vacuum chamber 494 mm (19.4″) dia. x 610 mm (24.0″) depth
  • Can process a range of exhibits from polymer bank notes to large plastic packaging sheets or fabrics up to 800mm x 560mm
  • Powerful rotatory and diffusion vacuum pump to reach high vacuum in the chamber
  • Tablet app to monitor the working status and process progress
  • Low running costs – only atomic layers of gold, zinc or silver required in each process run







Developed Fingerprint on Firearms








Developed Fingerprint from thermal Paper







Fingerprint on Fabrics and will Target for DNA Analysis 







Developed Fingerprint on cardboard and banknote

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