Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System
Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System
Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System
Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System
Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System

Milu SF10 Fingerprint Photography Lighting System

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Six-in-one compact fingerprint photography lighting system, Milu SF10 finds and captures lab quality fingerprint images at the scene of the crime. SF10 is capable of producing high resolution images in under a second capturing prints on a wide range of surfaces and backgrounds.  Quick refresh rates mean the system can be used for evidence search as well as report ready imaging.

Multi-spectrum lighting is seamlessly integrated into the body of the SF10 allowing the operator to choose from six pre-programed lighting combinations of varying wavelengths and illumination angles. SF10 blocks out ambient light so that imaging is done in the most ideal conditions providing a clear and consistent result every time.

SF10’s powerful imaging system uses a 27 layer coated lens, macro achromatic optics and proprietary ground elimination techniques to produce the high quality high resolution fingerprint photographs.

Compact, lightweight and simple to use, SF10 makes easy work of crime scene fingerprint collection.


Key Feature

  • Six pre-programmed lighting modes could meet wide range of scene requirements
    • Directional photography mode- great for complex background elimination and contrast enhancement  
    • Dark field photography mode- useful in fingerprint capture of curved, flat or pitted surfaces
    • Incident glancing photography mode for dust fingerprint non-destructive photography
    • Excitation photography mode- fluorescence photography for pre-treated fingerprints using multi-band light
    • Bio-stain photography mode- used for search and capture of biological material including blood/saliva/urine/seminal stains, DNA traces, exfoliated cells
    • External light distribution photography mode
  • Single button selection to quickly cycle between photography modes
  • Supports a wide range fingerprint types, substrate materials and surface backgrounds/textures
  • High resolution quick captures in under 1 second
  • Supports mobile phone and camera photography
  • Angle adjustable in glancing incident parallel light modes


Application case study:

  1. Smooth surface: mirror, glass, bank card, photo, CD, cutter......
  2. Smooth curved surface: cup, door handle, anti-theft security fence
  3. Semi porous surface: leather, paper, stone, brick, wood...
  4. Special application: dust fingerprints, sweat and dust fingerprints, glass front and back fingerprints, questioned document examination, blood stain search, light distribution photography
Fingerprint extraction  from credit card

Fingerprint extraction from restroom table

Fingerprint extraction from wine bottle

Fingerprint extraction from cigarrete package

Fingerprint extraction from mobile phone surface

Fingerprint extraction from wallet

  Dust Fingerprint extraction 


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