Light Bulletproof Tactical Vest
Light Bulletproof Tactical Vest
Light Bulletproof Tactical Vest

Light Bulletproof Tactical Vest

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Light Bulletproof Tactical Vest is mainly designed to provide most portability and comfort, and to provide reliable protection to key parts of the body.

Extremely light weight feeling make it can be wear as a 24-hour protective clothing. Different protection level can be selected according to the requirement. MOLLE modular tactical system are used at the front and back of the vest, all webbing adopts standard molle modular webbing. Different accessory bags can be flexibly selected according to user needs.

Main parts of the bulletproof tactical vest and the attached bag are made of Cordura fabric (special protective coat material) with wear-resistant, tensile, waterproof.

Key Features:

  1. Light weight and high protection level
  2. Flexible, one button releasing design, easy to be taken on/off
  3. Waterproof and wear-resistant
  4. Providing reliable protection to the key parts of the body
  5. Retractable rescue handle for emergencyrescue and medical assistance


Military, special forces, law enforcement, security guards, correctional officers





2.7Kg (coat 1.5Kg, plate 1.1Kg)

Protection Area


Protection Level


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