Intelligent Bionic Cooling Vest for Fire Fighter

Intelligent Bionic Cooling Vest for Fire Fighter

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The cooling vest is used to protect the upper body of firefighters against high temperature injuries during the operation. This is the most effective, economical and simple way to reduce human body temperature under high temperature environment like the scene of fire.’

 Key Feature:

  1. Use NOMEXIIIA material with permanent flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, no melt drop or melting after burning.
  2. Smoldering time, afterburning time ≤ 2S, damage length ≤ 50MM
  3. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, friction resistance, long service life (6 times of ordinary flame retardant cotton
  4. Magic adhesive wool surfacein front/middle/ left and right to bonded with the fire suit coat quickly and easily.
  5. Special designed back protector,scratch resistant, shock absorbing, fall resistant, impact resistant and load-bearing.
  6. Ultra silenceelectronic pump, low noise, large flow, small size. Cold water outlet flows from the right to the left through the pump and circulates continuously. The connector is a reverse joint, which is simple and convenient to assemble.

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