Intelligent Bionic Cooling Vest

Intelligent Bionic Cooling Vest

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Provide a cooling environment for the people working in high temperature.

This product uses an ice pack as a cooling source to maintain 1.5 hours cooling time through the temperature control regulator (could extend the cooling time by changing the ice pack).  A constant temperature can be controlled to 25°C, this could be helpful to improve the working conditions of the operators and improve work efficiency.

 Key Features:

  1. Special fluorescent yellow polyester fiber breathable mesh fabricprovide very strong visibility, reflected light could be visible in several kilometers.
  2. Retro reflective materialsto achieve 360 degree reflective visibility, reflectivity could reach 700+ to ensure the visibility and safety in the night.
  3. The Velcro design on the front chest and back could be used to paste logo plate like police Badge and bugle for quick identification.
  4. Multi-purpose hanger on the front chest could be used to hang duty gear(walkie-talkie, law enforcement recorder)
  5. Waist elastic adjustment design can be freely adjusted according to the comfort of the human
  6. Ultra silenceelectronic pump, low noise, large flow, small size. Cold water outlet flows from the right to the left through the pump and circulates continuously. The connector is a reverse joint, which is simple and convenient to assemble.


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