CEM420 3D Vision Through Wall Radar
CEM420 3D Vision Through Wall Radar

CEM420 3D Vision Through Wall Radar

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to CEM420 is a advanced  3D imaging penetrating reconnaissance system which can penetrate non-metallic obstacles such as building walls to detect multiple personnel targets behind it, and quickly obtain information for the personal's accurate position, Static/or Moving,  Gesture,  Height, Quantity of targets and indoor structure.

CEM420 is the upgrade version of CEM420, Which is more compact and light, With customized alogrithm , It is outperform than CEM400 in the detection speed and detection accuracy

 Highlight Features

Detecting more personal's information including accurate position, Static/or Moving,  Gesture,  Height, Quantity of targets and indoor structure.

Higher detection speed and accuracy

See  CEM420 Display the Detected Target

Single Target Round Tripping


Two Moving Targets

 Three Still Targets


Detection Mode:  Real time positioning and 3D imaging, 2-D Positioning, Multi Moving and Static Target detection, Multi target display

Penetrating Materials:  Concrete wall, Mixed Concrete with brick wall, Wood wall and other concrete media

Penetrating Wall Thickness: 240-370mm mixed concrete and brick

Detection Distance: Static target15m,  Moving target 20m

Distance Detection Range : 0-10m/0-20m/20-30m with detection scope ±3m/±4m/ ±5m

Detection Angle:  120° horizontal and 90° vertical

Battery Run time: 4h

Size(WxDxH): 520x500x110mm

Working Ambient Temperature:-20-60

Dropping off distance Testing: 500mm

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