Flexible Blast Suppression Blanket

Flexible Blast Suppression Blanket

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A highly protective device providing a flexible and safe handle solution for suspicious explosive device, can be used for temporary storage and safe transfer of the suspicious explosive. Provide a large safety distance to prevent injury and damage to the surround people and property.  


Can be wide used in densely populated place like Airport, Transportation Station, Subway, Conference Center, Gym, Theatre, Exhibition Center, Hotel, Shopping Center, Bank, School, Hospital.

Key Feature

High explosion suppression ability:

provide protection to the blast wave, high speed fragment and High temperature flame generated by the explosion of a 82-2 grenade. Comprehensive coverage by non-metallic high-strength flexible composite materials and flame-retardant and explosion-suppression liquid, the device will not produce secondary lethal debris in case of overloading.

Integrated construction:

Integrated composite structure of inner/outer defense safety circle and encapsulated/unfolded blanket cover. Lightweight and can be operated by a single person.

Providing long safety distance:

Area greater than 3.0 are the safety zone.

Easy operation:

Whole operation only need two steps, cover the explosive device by the safety circle and put the blanket on. Easy, safe, flexible.

Composition and appearance

Product adopts a flexible composite explosion-proof structure composed of special blast suppression liquid, high-performance composite fiber, super-elastic polymer, porous anti-stab and cut-proof materials, and has passed environmental protection inspections without pollution.

Product composition: A composite structure and does not contain any metal or hard non-metallic materials



Total weight:28Kg

Inner safety circle: 440mm diameter 320mm height

Outer safety circle: 700mm diameter: 160mm height

Blanket dimension: 1600x1600mm

Total height: 320mm

Standard Compliance: Passed the test under China nation standard (GA69-2007) for Bomb Suppression Blanket. The safety distance is 3m.

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