Auto Lifesaving Coat
Auto Lifesaving Coat

Auto Lifesaving Coat

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The Water Area Automatic Lifesaving Coat is designed for emergency situations in which there is a high risk of drowning. It is made of high-strength waterproof material and includes a sealed inflatable airbag, a mini high-pressure gas cylinder, and a quick inflation valve. In non-emergency situations, the coat can be worn like a normal jacket without disrupting normal activities due to its compact design.

In the event that the jacket contacts water, it will automatically inflate within 5 seconds or can be manually inflated by the pull of a trigger. This provides emergency buoyancy and lifts the head and shoulders out of the water for safety. If someone falls into the water head first or is unconscious due to injury, the water entry posture will be automatically adjusted to keep the head facing upwards, providing the best position for rescue.


Key Features:

The Water Area Automatic Lifesaving Coat has several key features, including:
  • Intelligent inflation: The jacket inflates within 5 seconds after falling into water.
  • Auto posture turning: The coat adjusts the body's posture to face upwards within 2 seconds, with the head positioned 10mm higher than the water at a 20-50 degree backward angle.
  • Auto and manual control mode: The jacket can be inflated automatically or manually by pulling the trigger.
  • Long-lasting buoyancy: The coat provides more than 48 hours of effective buoyancy, with buoyancy loss of less than 5% after 24 hours.
  • Weatherproof design: The jacket is windproof and rainproof, and the lifesaving system is concealed inside in normal conditions.

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