Adhesive Shed Cell Collector Crime Scene
Adhesive Shed Cell Collector Crime Scene

Adhesive Shed Cell Collector

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The shed cell binder is a tool that easily extracts suspicious materials at the site of a crime.  This special adhesive material does not affect the subsequent DNA analysis. Moreover, the binder can lift shed cells that may be present on the suspect’s skin,clothing that the suspect once wore.

Technical Data

 The cell binder could effectively collect shed cells from uneven, porous and curved surfaces, while swabs are difficult.

  • Transport tube design with the cell binder maintaining untouchable while prevent any loss of cell
  • Cell binder could be easily removed to put into collection tube for downstream lysis
  • Adhensive binder tip size: .4" x .4"
  • Plastic shaft measures (Length x Head Diameter)5" x .86"


 Wear disposable medical gloves, being careful not to make contact with any other objects during use.

  • Remove the detachable cell binder and unscrew the lid. Tear off the protective layer containing water
  • Holding the collectors base, touch the adhesive end to the surface of your sample about ten times
  • After collecting your samples, cover the adhesive end and label collector
  • Once back in the lab, remove adhesive film from the applicator and insert it directly into the tube centrifuge for processing.

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