PX3 portable X-ray inspection system operation tips 1

PX3 portable X-ray inspection system operation tips 1

1. Radiation safety is always the priority
The area in yellow color indicates the radiation zone, please be away from the radiation for health safety and NEVER STAND IN FRONT OF THE GENERATOR.

2. X-ray generator with a higher KV value will get higher penetration
A higher KV value X-ray generator has higher energy emission For X-ray radiation, a higher generator kV value creates shorter wavelengths with more energy in the X-ray beam. The more energy the X-ray beam has, the more penetrating power the X-rays have. A higher KV setting generator means could be helpful for the detection of objects with higher density.

The standard configuration of the PX-3 is a Golden XRS-3 generator with a 270KV setting and could provide penetration capability up to 85mm steel plate.

3. Exposure pulse counter setting
X-ray exposure pulse counter setting can be easily found in the software menu as below picture.

A higher exposure pulse setting means higher exposure time with higher dose emission and is helpful for the inspection of the object with higher density. A reference table is as follows:

Reasonable set the pulse to get the best image quality and avoid occurrences of "overexposure" or "underexposure".

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