Modular TSCM training programme

Modular TSCM training programme
HDX unveils its latest modular TSCM training programme, designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Users can customize their training experience by selecting and combining different course modules according to their specific requirements. HDX's expert training instructors offer a wide range of online and offline courses for both local and international learners, with ample teaching equipment and rich simulation scenarios to ensure quality instruction.

Training topics include: 

      ●Threat and TSCM technology core concept
      ●Illicit device detection using non-linear junction detectors (REI Orion series)
      ●Spectrum screening and analysis technology and operation (REI Oscor, MESA, and Andre)
      ●Telephone counter measurement (REI TALAN and CEM100)
      ●Search with portable X-ray system 
      ●Anti-noise recording technology and operation
      ●Anti-GPS tracking device technology
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