HD International attend the 13th ENFHEX Conference and Business virtual Meeting

HD International attend the 13th ENFHEX Conference and Business virtual Meeting

The 13th ENFHEX Conference and Business virtual Meeting for forensic handwriting analysis was held virtually from 16th -18th June 2021, “Handwriting Without Border” is the main topic for conference, Document examination experts from US, Canada, Israel, Swiss, Australia ,Singapore etc attended the meeting and presented current new forensic handwriting analysis technique.  


Mr. Nick Adelchanow ,the Vice President from HD International presented AB8000 Quantitative Handwriting analysis system which is  the world’s first instrument for quantitative analysis of handwriting dynamic features such as pen tip pressure distribution along the strokes and pen tilting parameter, which will assist document examiners for handwriting analysis and identification.  The system integrated  focus variation microscopy, Ring low angle lighting, automatic controlled X-Y-Z movement module, Paper stage with mini holes  and image processing to provide 2D images of strokes, 3D images, trend graphs data sheets, data correlation etc.


After the presentation, many experts showed interest for this new technique and Mr. Nick Adelchanow discussed more with experts from different area.


Note: Zhao 0 is the high level imitation signature, while Zhao 1 and Zhao 2 is the reference signature from the individual .   AB8000 could show the analysis data curve for Zhao 1 and Zhao has higher correlation ,while the imitation Zhao 0 has very lower coorlation.

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