Download iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.0 beta 5 for Mac

Download iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.0 beta 5 for Mac

How to renew your Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit?


Step 1: checking your registration key online

In order to check your license validity or registration status, please go to our website and enter your license registration key followed by online security verification code, press Send Request and check the result.

Step 2: checking your license expiration date

A new message will appear showing your license details including the date of expiration. You will be also offered a link to download the latest available product version. Click on the link in order to update the toolkit.

Step 3: downloading and unpacking the latest version of Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit

Choose whether you want a Windows or macOS edition of the toolkit and click on the relevant link. The downloading will start immediately. Please also pay attention that both links will expire after 1 hour. Once you’ve downloaded the new version of the toolkit, use the provided password in order to unpack the archive file.

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