China Emergency and Rescue Department purchase MiLu Series products for Fire Investigation

China Provincial and City scale Emergency and Management Departments from different areas have finished purchasing five Milu PX3 Portable X-Ray Systems and two Webster Mobile Forensic products in recent 2 months which will be put into use for fire investigation.  

Milu PX3 is a Versatile X-Ray system with high resolution DR panel and pulsed X-Ray source provide images with best quality,  Which could be used to locate melted metal debris or beads that are wrapped by expanded PolyStyrene or other chemical materials , It could also very helpful to analyse power strip or other electrical appliance which caused fire by short circuit

Webster Mobile Forensic product is a mobile forensic product with particularly strong data extraction and analysis capabilities for Chinese mobile phones such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, MEIZU,It is vey poweful for analysis of Chinese app such as  WeChat, QQ, Weibo etc. Beside normal analysis, the special ability of WMF on data Recovery, often bring the users unexpected valuable information.To meet the forensic needs of mainstream smartphones represented by Android and iOS, users can easily complete the entire process of extraction, analysis, display, and export under the prompts of a clear and intuitive operation guide. Fire investigators could use it to analyse the cellphone’s information from either the suspects or the witness people

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